Patient Testimonials

Just a few comments from some of our patients . . .


Oh my gosh!  Where shall I start?  I had only one visit with Dr. Dalton after changing from another “expensive” dentist fifteen years ago when I did a face plant against a granite counter top and broke off 2/3 of my front tooth?!  The next morning on my way to work, I stopped at Dr. Dalton’s office to see what could be done…thinking all kinds of awful things, pulling the tooth, cap – all painful and “expensive”.  Well – Dr. Dalton saw me immediately, and decided to rebuild my tooth!  He worked me in between his patients over a period of about four hours and made me a new tooth, which after fifteen years is still perfect!  PLUS – you wouldn’t believe the staff!  I have had one incredible dental technician for most of my visits, but everyone is always proficient, happy and friend.  She remembers I don’t like latex gloves, know my lips get dry and gives me a Q-tip with Vaseline on it, plus turns off the fan because I’ m cold!  Amazingly, I actually look forward to my appointments!

Bonnie L.

Dr. Dalton has been my family’s dentist for 19 years.  Dr. Dalton is a no nonsense kind of guy.  He is trustworthy, thorough, and gentle.  Although we have moved to Prescott, it is worth it to drive a little further and keep him as our dentist.  I especially have enjoyed his staff — they are great!

Vicki S.

I’ve been a patient for almost 20 years.  Friendly staff, excellent dentist and pain free service.  I highly recommend them for patients of all ages!  

Penny W.

Dr. Dalton and staff are excellent – always friendly, caring and Dr. D. is an excellent dentist.  After 18+ years — no complaints, just great care!!  

Theresa B.


We are so happy with the Dalton team!  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and my husband says that he’s impressed with Dr. Dalton’s skill as a dentist as he needed some work done on his teeth.  He has been to several dentists over his lifetime, and Dr. Dalton is the first one that he has said anything nice about!

Vicki H.

Attractive, experienced, well organized and relaxing.

Steve C.


I came to Dr. Dalton 20 years ago because I had a pain in my tooth.  I thought I was going to lose my tooth, and now, 20 years later I still have that same healthy tooth.

Cathe F.

We have really appreciated Dr. Dalton’s willingness to come in after hours for family emergencies.

Carolyn E.


Dr. Dalton and I have together taken on the gamut of dental difficulties and have remained friends with a professional admiration for our respective careers.

Bill F.

I want to say thank you for fixing my ugly teeth and letting me have a pretty smile so thank you very much. 

Julissa V.